Four Step Process

Our goal is to make your future safe, secure and comfortable by creating and implementing an effective financial plan.   A successful plan involves many facets including wealth accumulation, tax reduction and estate planning.  We use a four-step process to design an approach that will work for you.

  • Examine
  • Recommend
  • Monitor
  • Communicate

Examining your current circumstances is the first step.  What assets have you already accumulated?  Next, we analyze your future requirements and assess your risk tolerance.  What resources will be available to you in the future, such as social security and pensions?  We then craft a customized, diversified investment plan that will help you acheive your financial objectives.

From this plan, we make a careful recommendation of investment opportunities, maintaining an appropriate balance of risk tolerance, liquidity needs and short and long term goals.  Based on sound investment principles, we advocate a mixture including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. By incorporating diversification, we seek to reduce risk while keeping total return a priority.  We search for securities that are reasonably valued and show promise of steady growth or income over the long term.  Our recommendations are backed by research, market analysis and the latest computer technology.

Once investments are placed, we diligently monitor the market and make adjustments to maximize the performance of your portfolio.  We maintain a disciplined approach to our clients' investment strategy, and don't chase the latest stock market stories and opinions.  When significant financial developments occur in your life, we encourage you to keep us informed.

We conduct periodic portfolio reviews and maintain ongoing personal communications to keep you informed and involved.  We believe in an educated investor and invite all your questions and concerns.  Our goal is to stay small enough to provide personal attention to each of our clients. 

                Now     -     start investing now

                Enough -     invest enough to meet your goals

                Wisely -     invest wisely, get professional advice


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